SEO | 3 September 2018

The Real Importance of SEo for Your Business

When you think about the importance of SEO for your business, you get caught up in RANKING like a lot of people do. It’s understandable. But what is the point of ranking if you don’t get any traffic? You could be ranking 1st for ‘best SEO companies in the western cape as of today’ and if you do – well done. What does that help you if no one is searching for a long tail keyword that is THAT long? Simply put, you won’t get any traffic. Now, traffic gets you sales. Not just ranking highly.

We know now that just ranking is no measure of success for your businesses’ Search Optimization Strategy. But what other value does SEO offer? What is the importance of SEO for your business?

These reasons we are going to dive into now will offer some clarity and will help you understand the importance of SEO for your business/brand to take it to the next level.

1) Organic traffic still is the main source of website traffic

Organic traffic can account for more than half of all visits to your website, outperforming direct visits, referral traffic, paid search and social visits by miles.

Organic traffic is also a crucial element in the buyer funnel and in getting visitors/customers to complete a conversion or engagement. Online purchases are becoming more and more popular and brands are realizing the benefits it can hold for them too. These avid online shoppers then make use of terms (keywords) to search their desired product or service.

The keywords they use can help us determine where in the buyer funnel they are. We can then target these keyword combinations and by ranking for these keywords we then get traffic from unique visitors that are more likely to convert.

Being seen by Google as an authority will always be in a brands favor. A quality website and high-quality SEO for your business will get you there.

2) Authority = trust + credibility

Have you ever bought from a website that wasn’t ranking, had poor social proof and had WordArt from 2003 Microsoft Word? The answer would hopefully be NO.

But why? Mostly due to the first 2 factors but the 2003 WordArt might have been a turn off as well. When you have authority ranking becomes much easier as Google trusts you. And when Google trusts you so do people.

If you search ‘buy blue Air Jordan’s’ you might be closer to committing to that purchase than someone just searching ‘Air Jordan’s’. After typing in your search, you then get your top 3 results and chances are they have what you are looking for.

But you might even search page 2 because you’re hunting a bargain. But chances are good that you might not search much lower than page 2 results. That’s because you start to lose trust the further down you go in the SERP’s. Are you starting to see the importance of SEO for your business and it’s rankings?

There’s a reason why about 60% of the clicks go to the top 3 results in SERP’s. (search engine result pages). Online shoppers aren’t just lazy. They like their money safe (understandable).

How do you become an authority? It doesn’t happen overnight. Nor 2 nights. Nor 3… It’s time and effort spent showing Google that you are the one they should trust above all others. Authority is gained through quality back linking, positive user behaviour, unique user generated content and optimized on-page elements.

What is needed? Time, commitment and the offering of a quality product/service to build authority which results in trust and assist in credibility.

3) Importance of SEO for Local Businesses

More and more people are making use of mobile devices for their search queries on Google and other major search engines. A substantial amount of these mobile searches have the intent of finding local businesses/services.

When you perform a local search like “restaurants near me”, Google gives results based on specific towns, cities, regions and even provinces or states. SEO agencies achieve these local rankings for businesses by optimising the business website and its content which includes local citations and backlinks.

Google also loves people that love you so engagement from customers and client are vital in obtaining high local rankings. SEO professionals or businesses themselves should start by optimising its Google My Business Listing and it’s social media profiles. More social engagement proves that you are legit and liked by your local customers and clients.

Here customer reviews should be seen as golden from sites like Google itself (mainly) and other local and relevant review sites.

4) SEO in an investment. Not an expense.

Yes, SEO costs money. Most good things do, right?

In the grand scheme of things, SEO is relatively cheap and the return on investment can far outweigh the costs involved with getting SEO work done. The more time and money you invest in SEO the greater the results.

Quality SEO work also doesn’t just deliver for today or for the month. It yield results for months and even years to come.

5) SEO yields one of the best ROI’s in advertising.

Although offline marketing definitely still has its place in this world, internet marketing has without a doubt taken the spotlight and is here to stay.

Not all online marketing types are created equal, though. SEO rewards your business for the time, effort and money invested into it more than pretty much any type of marketing. You might be wondering why and how SEO works so well.

Its an inbound marketing strategy which means you focus on attracting customers. Not pulling them in. So SEO allows you to market to those that are already looking for the product/services that your business provides.

What’s really nice is that you don’t have to interrupt those who you market to’s favourite show with your advertisement or make them wait longer for their funny cat video on to load on YouTube. You just show up when they are searching for services/products that you offer. All you have have to do is convince them that you are the right business for the job.


There’s no way around it – the importance of SEO for your business can’t be downplayed. It’s the base whereon all great marketing campaigns are and should be built.

SEO is definitely still seen as a new age marketing technique but it’s become crucial for businesses as competition continues to increase. People went from doubting SEO to knocking on the doors of SEO agencies to get their rankings up. 

So.. Are you getting left behind or are you getting on this bullet train? Feel free to comment any questions or additions you feel are needed.


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