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Running a good influencer maRketing campaign

Does influencer marketing still worth it 2018 and going into 2019? Short and sweet – Yes. If you are knowledgable in influencer marketing and knows how to run a good influencer campaign then it could do wonders for your brand or product. Now, lets get into what influencer marketing is and how to run a successful influencer campaign. 

What is influencer marketing?

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media influencers is that they are just people with large followings. This is in fact not true as this would refer to popularity alone and not influence. For someone to be an influencer they need to be able to, you guessed right, influence. The act of influencing requires a change in thinking or behaviour to take place. So, basically it’s someone who has the power to influence the perception of other to get them to do something or buy into something.

Where do influencers share content?

In 2018 the top social media sites that influencers make use of include Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit as well as an influencer’s own website/blog. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular social media networks used by these influencers taking into account their monthly active users:

  1. Facebook – 2.1 Billion
  2. YouTube – 1.5 Billion
  3. Instagram – 800 Million
  4. twitter – 330 Million
  5. Reddit – 250 Million
  6. Pinterest – 200 Million
  7. Vine Camera – 200 Million
  8. Ask FM – 160 Million
  9. Tumblr – 115 Million
  10. Flickr – 112 Million

Why is influencer marketing so popular?

Simply because you can get your brand/product in front of potentially hundreds of thousands of potential clients/customers fast. The followers of these influencers have a level of trust and respect for them and seeing their influencers promote a brand or product increases the likelihood to also trusting the brand/product and are more likely to convert.

Think of it as the paid version of “word of mouth” advertising and those who fail to embrace social media as a major part of their businesses success have suffered a loss to their brand recognition and sales.

For example: The growth of fashion and beauty influencers on social media platforms over the last few years. They have helped some new brand to rise up such as Sephora. These are brands that know the importance of social media influencing.

Brands like Avon, who have failed to adapt to new and innovative digital marketing techniques, have come to realise that they’re falling behind. Avon reported a 45.5 million bet loss for the June 30 2017 quarter. Ouch…

How do I run a successful influencer campaign?

1) Consider assigning a budget:

You’re getting great exposure from the second the influencer clicks “post” so you know you’re going to be paying for that opportunity to be under their social spotlight.

Working with smaller influencers (nano-influencers) you could be working on a basis of exchange where you send them a product or offer them your services in exchange for a post. This can be a great way to start out and with popularity nano-influencers on the rise this could even be more beneficial for you than a influencer with a million followers.

When you decide to invest in a bigger influencer you will most likely not be able to exchange products or services for a post like before. Now you will have to pay and the bigger the influencer, the more you’re going to pay. But finding the right one can yield a big ROI for your business/brand.

Make sure you have a budget in place that will ensures you are able to work with an influencer who fits your brand and niche. A proper influencer will spend time creating content that will influence their audience/followers and essentially provide you with greater brand recognition and conversions. You have to choose your influencer carefully and by analysing their engagement rate (2-5% and above) you can gauge if they’re followers are actually engaging with their posts. You can use SocialBlade as well to analyse a influencer.

2) Measuring Campaign success is the key

To track your influencer campaign, a simple excel or Google Drive spreadsheet will do where you should measure the following:

  • Reach of an Influencer’s Post
  • Likes/Comments
  • How many estimate “follows” converted to your social page/s
  • Did your website traffic increased?
  • Did you saw an increase in sales?

It is also estimated that an audience needs to see a brand a couple of times to consider that brand legitimate and thus considering working on multiple posts with each influencer rather than individual ones. This brings us to the third and final point.

3) Foster relationships with influencers§

A big mistake made by a lot of people is that they pay an influencer and then just forget about them. You need to build a relationship with the influencers that you use as you might need their help in the future again.

The influencers you choose to use should really be interested in your brand or product and an agreement should be in place that ensures they like and comment on your photos. If these influencers don’t show any interest in your product or service their followers will see past the “advertisement” and choose not to engage with the post. Just remember that you’re building a relationship here so you should make sure your reciprocating.

Do good by sending them free products or helping them with the services you offer you. Why would you do something like that? Because most other brand don’t and by standing out you make it easier for them to speak about your product or services outside of their social media circles. The more they are exposed to your products and services the more they become used to it and they might start becoming actual fans and use your products or services because they love it.

2019 trends for influencer marketing

#1 – From influencers to entrepreneurs

With influencer marketing becoming more lucrative, and with more people than ever before becoming influencers, there are more opportunities to turn their influencer side hustle into a successful business which the branches out into other successful entrepreneurial ventures.

#2 – Progression in combating fake followers

Have you been buying followers or has you social media marketing agency been doing it for your business? Well for all those taking part in this – we believe the end is near. This will help businesses filter out influencers that has fake followers and only focus on those that are playing the game the right way. This can potentially save a massive amount of people/businesses a lot of money.

#3 – Disclosure of sponsored content

Strict regulations will start to come into play where, as with instagrams post boosting, influencers will have to start disclosing which of their posts a sponsored. The idea behind this is to guarantee transparency (another important word to keep an eye on next year for all marketing strategies).

#4 – Working with nano-Influencers

We discussed earlier, in short, what a nano-influencer is and 2019 will see a rise in businesses making use of nano-influencers for their marketing efforts. These influencers have a more personal touch with their followers and their followers might engage better that someone who has 1 million followers.

Now its time to start planning your influencer campaign and to get your business growing. For more information leave a comment or send us a mail through our contact page. We would love to hear from you.


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