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Private Blog Networks PBN

Before diving into Private Blog Networks, let’s understand something about the internet first. The internet is a wonderful place in the sense that it offers some of the greatest opportunities for people from all corners of the world, that don’t even have a lot of money, to become stinking rich!

I have to add that only some of these people will become stinking rich or even make a decent income in the online world, though. From 1.5 Billion websites on the world wide web, and counting, about 200 million are active. You can view the live website count here. The 1 billion website mark was hit in 2014 and already we have increased that number by 500 million. That’s a crazy number of websites, people. 

Live website count

Based on this, I’ll say that from many websites that are presented on the internet each day only a few will make some profit. Even less will make a killing. Don’t let this scare you off. People are becoming more and more reliant on the internet to provide them with almost all their daily information. This also gives rise to a increase in online purchases. What does that mean for you? It gives you more opportunities to start a business quite literally from scratch and almost no money.
You must wonder why most of these sites will never enter the profit zone.
If you were wondering that, you deserve beer or ice cream or what ever. It depends on your age. The reason being is that they don’t market their websites correctly. It’s not enough throwing a website together that’s so basic Fred Flintstone could have set it up, adding some AdWords with simple keywords (or none at all) and think that you’ll get somewhere if anywhere.

Link Building Strategies

Anyone that has spent at least the minimum amount of time in their day reading what true professionals have to say, will know that everyone from blog owners to large online company owners have to develop intelligent and well targeted optimisation campaigns. One of the most important parts of this optimisation campaign is your link building strategy. This takes time but is worth it and hiring the right company to help you with this can make the difference between success and failure.

Now, your link building strategy and those that professional SEO and marketing companies use should include:

  • Recourse link building
  • Broken link building
  • Guest blogging
  • Authoritative back linking (influencers)
  • Directories (mostly for local business ranking in the ‘snackpack’ etc.

Why not PBN’s?

What I did not mention here is, you guessed it, PBN’s or Private Blog Networks. There is a reason why We have not included it in our link building strategy formula. The main reason is for its lack of stability in some cases, but let’s get into what

Private Blog Networks are and really dissect it. Private Blog Networks are when expiring domain names are bought in your niche for really cheap (quite smart) and the owners of those domains have built up the SEO juice and back links on those domains over the years so they normally come with a low to decent domain rank or domain authority.

These SEO and Marketing agencies or individuals buy a series of these domains with a simple website and with simple content. They then use these websites to backlink back to your main site or your money site to increase rankings.

All this effort for some backlinks? Yes, you can now see how important backlinks are and what will be done to obtain them.

Remember, this comes after you have nailed your on-page optimisation:

  • Content creation
  • Image optimisation
  • Meta tags creation and optimisation
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Correct website structure</span
  • Fast loading web pages, etc.
Then you should make sure you get the correct social signals. This is the engagement you receive from people on you Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Also, citations need to be added with consistent NAP information on these directories. Only after these sections have been mastered can you move on to your backlinking.
In a competitive market backlinks are needed to rank higher than your competitors. If you are planning on hiring a SEO agency to assist you, you want to make sure how they acquire their backlinks for you. It’s one of the biggest and most important things that they do in your optimisation campaign.

Normally you will find that the cheaper agencies tend to use Private Blog Networks as it is a cheaper way, but not a better way, of building backlinks. So, spend the extra buck and you might just save yourself and your business some trouble in the future. As they say – you get what you pay for.

The Private Blog Network Process

Let’s just get more into how this process works really quick so you understand the concept fully. Like we established they are expiring domains that are bought. These websites are very basic and they have low to moderate quality content. These SEO and marketing agencies, every now and then, link back to your website and to their other client websites as well from these PBN’s. Understandably you might wonder why this is bad.

Well, at some point they might leave a trace of evidence leading back to the SEO agency in some way or another. Some of these companies found ways to register the expiring domains under other names and with different hosting companies. This is nice for them as it will help a few of them to not get discovered by Google.

But if these Private Blog Networks get discovered by Google, your links will most likely get taken away and then all the time and money you spent will be for nothing. It’s not very likely that a PBN will be discovered but why take the risk? We don’t build our foundation on something that could likely crumble.

The Private Blog Networks (PBN) 

Make sure that when you hire an SEO agency/firm that they work on doing link building the right way which is the organic and hard way and obviously the more expensive way. And if you had to ask Us if you should ever use Private blog Networks (PBN’s), our answer would always be NO. This is not a white hat SEO technique. It’s very grey hat. But we can’t stop you from making use of Private Blog Networks. If you choose to use them in your link building strategy then just be careful and protect your biggest asset, your site. See Google as your spouse; they don’t like to be cheated on and understandably so.


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