SEO | 26 April 2018

Importance of SEo in 2018

2018 is going to be a big year for Search! More and more people are making use of search engines such as Google for their purchases and for their day to day information. SO what is the importance of SEO in 2018?

It means change. Luckily not complete change. But definitely change. What are the main factors that will pilot these continuous changes search engines are making to improve user search?

Lets see shall we:

1) Content and links:

More than ever, content and authoritative linking will be most important in your SEO campaigns. Google and other search engines are constantly looking at ways to better match user intent. They want to give their searches the right answer with the most amount of ease.

If you provide quality content that matches users intent better than anyone else, you rank higher. BUT you have to prove to the Search Engines that you’re not some spammy site trying to scam people. For that you need quality links to your site.

Buying a few backlinks won’t do the job anymore. You need to actively promote your content to get it shared and linked to by other, more authoritative, sites.

2) Mobile-First Indexing

As Google starts rolling out mobile-first indexing we all need to make sure we are ready for that. How to be ready for mobile-first indexing? Make sure your web pages are fully mobile responsive and make sure they are easy to navigate on a mobile device.

You might be wondering why search engines have becoming more proactive in the subject of mobile search. Well as of the start of 2018 about 50% of searches are being done on mobile devices! From the estimated 3.5 billions of searches done every day, you can start to see why being mobile optimised is vital for a businesses’ online presence. 

3) Boost Page Speed

Is your page loading longer than some of your competitors? Is there more than a 2 second waiting time for customers after they clicked through to your site up until the point where the page is fully loaded? If you answered yes than you might be losing out on valuable customers due to a slow site/page.

Saving yourself from this issue might be easier than you think. You could consider changing your hosting provider. Is it really worth it saving $10 per month on hosting but you’re losing customers due to your snail-site taking ages to load. Check out for great hosting.

Furthermore a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help speed up your site as well by getting the web page from the server to the searcher faster. You should also look into minifying your CSS files, compressing & optimising images, enabling browser cache, etc.

4) Optimise for Voice Search

With the ease of mobile searches comes the ease of not needing to type everything anymore. Voice searches are becoming more and more popular among mobile users and we need to be vigilant regarding this. 

So then you optimise your content make sure you keep mobile and voice in mind. How can I optimise for voice search?

Remember that it starts and ends with the searcher. Think to yourself how they would search by voice that would differ from typing in the search query in Google. When we search by typing we might search for a restaurant like this: “restaurant near me” but then we do a voice search it might go like this: “What is the best restaurant to have dinner at tonight?”. We mean the same thing but we search for it differently using these methods. Keep that in mind and work those key phrases into your content.


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