The Importance of SEO for Your Business

The Importance of SEO for Your Business

SEO | 3 September 2018

The Real Importance of SEo for Your Business

When you think about the importance of SEO for your business, you get caught up in RANKING like a lot of people do. It’s understandable. But what is the point of ranking if you don’t get any traffic? You could be ranking 1st for ‘best SEO companies in the western cape as of today’ and if you do – well done. What does that help you if no one is searching for a long tail keyword that is THAT long? Simply put, you won’t get any traffic. Now, traffic gets you sales. Not just ranking highly.

We know now that just ranking is no measure of success for your businesses’ Search Optimization Strategy. But what other value does SEO offer? What is the importance of SEO for your business?

These reasons we are going to dive into now will offer some clarity and will help you understand the importance of SEO for your business/brand to take it to the next level.

1) Organic traffic still is the main source of website traffic

Organic traffic can account for more than half of all visits to your website, outperforming direct visits, referral traffic, paid search and social visits by miles.

Organic traffic is also a crucial element in the buyer funnel and in getting visitors/customers to complete a conversion or engagement. Online purchases are becoming more and more popular and brands are realizing the benefits it can hold for them too. These avid online shoppers then make use of terms (keywords) to search their desired product or service.

The keywords they use can help us determine where in the buyer funnel they are. We can then target these keyword combinations and by ranking for these keywords we then get traffic from unique visitors that are more likely to convert.

Being seen by Google as an authority will always be in a brands favor. A quality website and high-quality SEO for your business will get you there.

2) Authority = trust + credibility

Have you ever bought from a website that wasn’t ranking, had poor social proof and had WordArt from 2003 Microsoft Word? The answer would hopefully be NO.

But why? Mostly due to the first 2 factors but the 2003 WordArt might have been a turn off as well. When you have authority ranking becomes much easier as Google trusts you. And when Google trusts you so do people.

If you search ‘buy blue Air Jordan’s’ you might be closer to committing to that purchase than someone just searching ‘Air Jordan’s’. After typing in your search, you then get your top 3 results and chances are they have what you are looking for.

But you might even search page 2 because you’re hunting a bargain. But chances are good that you might not search much lower than page 2 results. That’s because you start to lose trust the further down you go in the SERP’s. Are you starting to see the importance of SEO for your business and it’s rankings?

There’s a reason why about 60% of the clicks go to the top 3 results in SERP’s. (search engine result pages). Online shoppers aren’t just lazy. They like their money safe (understandable).

How do you become an authority? It doesn’t happen overnight. Nor 2 nights. Nor 3… It’s time and effort spent showing Google that you are the one they should trust above all others. Authority is gained through quality back linking, positive user behaviour, unique user generated content and optimized on-page elements.

What is needed? Time, commitment and the offering of a quality product/service to build authority which results in trust and assist in credibility.

3) Importance of SEO for Local Businesses

More and more people are making use of mobile devices for their search queries on Google and other major search engines. A substantial amount of these mobile searches have the intent of finding local businesses/services.

When you perform a local search like “restaurants near me”, Google gives results based on specific towns, cities, regions and even provinces or states. SEO agencies achieve these local rankings for businesses by optimising the business website and its content which includes local citations and backlinks.

Google also loves people that love you so engagement from customers and client are vital in obtaining high local rankings. SEO professionals or businesses themselves should start by optimising its Google My Business Listing and it’s social media profiles. More social engagement proves that you are legit and liked by your local customers and clients.

Here customer reviews should be seen as golden from sites like Google itself (mainly) and other local and relevant review sites.

4) SEO in an investment. Not an expense.

Yes, SEO costs money. Most good things do, right?

In the grand scheme of things, SEO is relatively cheap and the return on investment can far outweigh the costs involved with getting SEO work done. The more time and money you invest in SEO the greater the results.

Quality SEO work also doesn’t just deliver for today or for the month. It yield results for months and even years to come.

5) SEO yields one of the best ROI’s in advertising.

Although offline marketing definitely still has its place in this world, internet marketing has without a doubt taken the spotlight and is here to stay.

Not all online marketing types are created equal, though. SEO rewards your business for the time, effort and money invested into it more than pretty much any type of marketing. You might be wondering why and how SEO works so well.

Its an inbound marketing strategy which means you focus on attracting customers. Not pulling them in. So SEO allows you to market to those that are already looking for the product/services that your business provides.

What’s really nice is that you don’t have to interrupt those who you market to’s favourite show with your advertisement or make them wait longer for their funny cat video on to load on YouTube. You just show up when they are searching for services/products that you offer. All you have have to do is convince them that you are the right business for the job.


There’s no way around it – the importance of SEO for your business can’t be downplayed. It’s the base whereon all great marketing campaigns are and should be built.

SEO is definitely still seen as a new age marketing technique but it’s become crucial for businesses as competition continues to increase. People went from doubting SEO to knocking on the doors of SEO agencies to get their rankings up. 

So.. Are you getting left behind or are you getting on this bullet train? Feel free to comment any questions or additions you feel are needed.



SEO | 8 July 2018


If there is one thing you must know about Search Engine Optimization, remember this: SEO strategies change regularly. Google is constantly updating and changes to it’s algorithm to ensure that user intent is met. Nevertheless, whether you are a young startup, a stable SMB, or a large corporation, staying on top of your SEO marketing strategy is the only way to succeed and promote growth in this day and age, and to think otherwise is reprehensible.


Any talk about the possibility that SEO is no longer a powerful marketing tool, or perhaps no longer relevant is a false assumption. Do not mistake the realities of the market; the undeniable truth is that SEO is here to stay. Google alone processes more than 40,000 search queries every single second. Think about the astonishing enormity of that number and think of the opportunities these numbers represent for your business’ potential growth. That is more than 3 billion searches per day, 20% of which have never been made before!


Here at GeeWorx, one of the leading SEO companies in the Western Cape, we feel the obligated to emphasise the importance of quality Search Engine Optimization, and just as important, the significance of having a robust Local SEO Ranking strategy.


Consequently, if you want to prime your business for growth, learn to embrace local SEO.


google local SEO - google titel


This is probably not the first time you have heard about how a Local SEO Listing is one of the most significant factors when it comes time to establish your digital marketing strategy. However, at GeeWorx we think it’s essential that our clients have a clear and precise understanding of what exactly local SEO is, its relevance in today’s search landscape, and its eventual impact in your company’s growth projections.


In the following paragraphs, we are going to break down the Why and the How of local SEO. If you are at all interested in why local SEO holds such a prominent position in the world of online marketing, you have come to the right place.


Not all clients that require SEO or other Online Marketing services need massive international campaigns. Why target Pretoria when you’re only able to service the George? Often, even a national level marketing campaign is overkill. Small and medium businesses that have limited reach and whose scope of action is contained within a limited region, can take advantage of the plethora of resources offered by Google Local Listings, to significantly increase traffic, visits, contacts, and sales through their website or directly from the local search results.


A Local SEO Listing refers merely to that which helps businesses promote their services to local customers. It is simple on the surface, but under the hood, its quite a but more intricate. Search engines rely on a multitude of search signals such as local content, links, citations, even revies, and even social media profiles to deliver the most relevant and up to date results.
As your business’ local footprint becomes more clearly defined, local search will become more and more indispensable for growth. 


Take a look at the below example.When searching for a term like “Lawyer Cape Town”, Google will give you results relevant to the area and the service you were looking for. These 3 results right under the map are called the Snack Pack. Cape Town has much more than 3 lawyers, but these are the most relevant due to proper local optimisation and just overall quality and authority. Remember the factors from the previous paragraph.


google local listing cape town lawyer



The importance of finding a local SEO agency that has your best interest at heart has become a more difficult task with the rise of cheap SEO agencies/companies that take promise a lot for only a few bucks. Everything looks good for the first few weeks or months, but the success is normally short lived as these companies deliver subpar work with links that disappear or that cause google to penalise you.


These penalties in itself can be a hard thing to get out of. The need for quality local SEO agencies has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, though. This is mostly due to the meteoric rise of smartphone use and the ever improving quality of wireless connectivity.


This is because a Local SEO Listing is focused on providing results that are specifically relevant to any user performing a search based on their current geographic location. For example, if a user were to search for “best barbershop,” Google would return results relevant to the user’s current location first and guide him to the nearest listed barbershop.


When over four-fifths of search queries are made on mobile devices, and two-thirds of these are made with the intent to search for locally relevant information, we start to realise the magnitude of a Local SEO listing’s relevance. In fact, Google has stated that 95% of mobile users look up local information on their phones with the intent to either call or visit these businesses.


This trend is logical if we think that from a mobile device we can effortlessly access information concerning a query that requires urgent and immediate attention. A user who is walking down the street is able to immediately search for the closest pharmacy, laundry-mat, or hardware store and nowadays with the use of Google Voice Search.

google voice search for local businesses

Proof of the importance of having a robust local SEO listing can be conferred from the way Google now handles the display of a searches’ local search query. Google My Business lists the precise business operating hours of an business. Google will now display their search results by giving precedence to businesses who are currently open compared to those who have already closed or have not listed opening and closing times. That shows you how much emphasis Google puts on relevance.


Another critical aspect to consider is the quantifiable link that exists between online actions and offline actions for local businesses. A robust local SEO strategy can give outstanding results in this regard. Link your businesses’ website to your Google My Business page and gain more relevance in all local searches as well as the opportunity to appear in Google’s Map queries also known as the ‘Snack Pack’ (which is shown in a previous image above).


If done correctly your business can appear twice on the first page of results Once in the Snack Pack and gain lower down in the organic results. Even three times if your search engine optimization (SEO) is loyal enough for the search query.
So what can you do to optimize your business’ local SEO presence? The easiest and most efficient way to handle a Local SEO Listing is obviously to put the work in the hands of a professional SEO agency. Real SEO agencies, like ourselves, create location based citations, correction of any duplicate citations, Google My Business listing optimization, and my more, to ensure our client rankings.


Remember that local SEO is highly targetable and boasts some of the highest conversion rates in the business. When a user places a local search, it is to find a specific company, product, or service. Yet the majority of searchers do not search with a particular business name in mind, so if you position your business well with Local SEO listing you will be better equipped to promote your services and give customers a higher chance of finding you as well as choosing you.


Given that mobile internet is growing and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future and that local SEO covers both PC and mobile traffic, now is the time to establish a sound online marketing strategy. More and more potential customers will be using mobile devices to place searches every day, and it would be crazy not to take advantage of this golden opportunity for growth.



Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most affordable and cost-effective of all forms of online advertising. Furthermore, SEO tracks quantifiable results; which means that your return on investment can be ascertained quite readily. However, while this holds true 99% of the time, it is important to remember that for an SEO campaign to become successful it should be an ongoing process.


Results will not become evident from a one-time search optimization. We prefer at least 3 months until big changes take place in ranking and organic search results. SEO, in the long run can save you tons of cash money that you might of spent on PPC ads while giving you similar and sometimes even better results. 

seo vs ppc graph

To ensure the best results you must participate in the aggressive targeting of competitive keywords. Merely cramming a page with keywords is no longer sufficient to provide a high search result ranking. One of the most critical factors in achieving a successful SEO campaign is the integrity of your backlinks. All modern search engines use links that point back to your site as a measuring tool to assess its value.


Which means that if your SEO campaign is done haphazardly, it will prove less cost-effective. There are various methods to help achieve more efficient use of your SEO budget and ensure a better return on investment.


Here at GeeWorx SEO and Marketing Agency we offer high quality, profitable local SEO services with a comprehensive approach to analytics. We will help you control every aspect of your SEO marketing strategy down to the smallest detail. We offer thorough demographic analysis and engagement metrics so that you can better tailor your investment and ensure a substantial return.


Local SEO is by far the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy because it actively targets users who are looking for your specific products and services in the first place. A proper Local SEO will actually save you money in the long run when compared to outbound marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, email marketing, etc.
Local SEO will help potential customers find your business and provide them with the essential information they need to transition into actual customers.


If there is a more direct path to growth, the industry has yet to find it.
If your business is made for more, you need to give it more. In return it will give you great dividends.

Private Blog Networks PBN

Private Blog Networks PBN

SEO & Link Building | 6 May 2018

Private Blog Networks PBN

Before diving into Private Blog Networks, let’s understand something about the internet first. The internet is a wonderful place in the sense that it offers some of the greatest opportunities for people from all corners of the world, that don’t even have a lot of money, to become stinking rich!

I have to add that only some of these people will become stinking rich or even make a decent income in the online world, though. From 1.5 Billion websites on the world wide web, and counting, about 200 million are active. You can view the live website count here. The 1 billion website mark was hit in 2014 and already we have increased that number by 500 million. That’s a crazy number of websites, people. 

Live website count

Based on this, I’ll say that from many websites that are presented on the internet each day only a few will make some profit. Even less will make a killing. Don’t let this scare you off. People are becoming more and more reliant on the internet to provide them with almost all their daily information. This also gives rise to a increase in online purchases. What does that mean for you? It gives you more opportunities to start a business quite literally from scratch and almost no money.
You must wonder why most of these sites will never enter the profit zone.
If you were wondering that, you deserve beer or ice cream or what ever. It depends on your age. The reason being is that they don’t market their websites correctly. It’s not enough throwing a website together that’s so basic Fred Flintstone could have set it up, adding some AdWords with simple keywords (or none at all) and think that you’ll get somewhere if anywhere.

Link Building Strategies

Anyone that has spent at least the minimum amount of time in their day reading what true professionals have to say, will know that everyone from blog owners to large online company owners have to develop intelligent and well targeted optimisation campaigns. One of the most important parts of this optimisation campaign is your link building strategy. This takes time but is worth it and hiring the right company to help you with this can make the difference between success and failure.

Now, your link building strategy and those that professional SEO and marketing companies use should include:

  • Recourse link building
  • Broken link building
  • Guest blogging
  • Authoritative back linking (influencers)
  • Directories (mostly for local business ranking in the ‘snackpack’ etc.

Why not PBN’s?

What I did not mention here is, you guessed it, PBN’s or Private Blog Networks. There is a reason why We have not included it in our link building strategy formula. The main reason is for its lack of stability in some cases, but let’s get into what

Private Blog Networks are and really dissect it. Private Blog Networks are when expiring domain names are bought in your niche for really cheap (quite smart) and the owners of those domains have built up the SEO juice and back links on those domains over the years so they normally come with a low to decent domain rank or domain authority.

These SEO and Marketing agencies or individuals buy a series of these domains with a simple website and with simple content. They then use these websites to backlink back to your main site or your money site to increase rankings.

All this effort for some backlinks? Yes, you can now see how important backlinks are and what will be done to obtain them.

Remember, this comes after you have nailed your on-page optimisation:

  • Content creation
  • Image optimisation
  • Meta tags creation and optimisation
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Correct website structure</span
  • Fast loading web pages, etc.
Then you should make sure you get the correct social signals. This is the engagement you receive from people on you Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Also, citations need to be added with consistent NAP information on these directories. Only after these sections have been mastered can you move on to your backlinking.
In a competitive market backlinks are needed to rank higher than your competitors. If you are planning on hiring a SEO agency to assist you, you want to make sure how they acquire their backlinks for you. It’s one of the biggest and most important things that they do in your optimisation campaign.

Normally you will find that the cheaper agencies tend to use Private Blog Networks as it is a cheaper way, but not a better way, of building backlinks. So, spend the extra buck and you might just save yourself and your business some trouble in the future. As they say – you get what you pay for.

The Private Blog Network Process

Let’s just get more into how this process works really quick so you understand the concept fully. Like we established they are expiring domains that are bought. These websites are very basic and they have low to moderate quality content. These SEO and marketing agencies, every now and then, link back to your website and to their other client websites as well from these PBN’s. Understandably you might wonder why this is bad.

Well, at some point they might leave a trace of evidence leading back to the SEO agency in some way or another. Some of these companies found ways to register the expiring domains under other names and with different hosting companies. This is nice for them as it will help a few of them to not get discovered by Google.

But if these Private Blog Networks get discovered by Google, your links will most likely get taken away and then all the time and money you spent will be for nothing. It’s not very likely that a PBN will be discovered but why take the risk? We don’t build our foundation on something that could likely crumble.

The Private Blog Networks (PBN) 

Make sure that when you hire an SEO agency/firm that they work on doing link building the right way which is the organic and hard way and obviously the more expensive way. And if you had to ask Us if you should ever use Private blog Networks (PBN’s), our answer would always be NO. This is not a white hat SEO technique. It’s very grey hat. But we can’t stop you from making use of Private Blog Networks. If you choose to use them in your link building strategy then just be careful and protect your biggest asset, your site. See Google as your spouse; they don’t like to be cheated on and understandably so.

Importance of SEO in 2018

Importance of SEO in 2018

SEO | 26 April 2018

Importance of SEo in 2018

2018 is going to be a big year for Search! More and more people are making use of search engines such as Google for their purchases and for their day to day information. SO what is the importance of SEO in 2018?

It means change. Luckily not complete change. But definitely change. What are the main factors that will pilot these continuous changes search engines are making to improve user search?

Lets see shall we:

1) Content and links:

More than ever, content and authoritative linking will be most important in your SEO campaigns. Google and other search engines are constantly looking at ways to better match user intent. They want to give their searches the right answer with the most amount of ease.

If you provide quality content that matches users intent better than anyone else, you rank higher. BUT you have to prove to the Search Engines that you’re not some spammy site trying to scam people. For that you need quality links to your site.

Buying a few backlinks won’t do the job anymore. You need to actively promote your content to get it shared and linked to by other, more authoritative, sites.

2) Mobile-First Indexing

As Google starts rolling out mobile-first indexing we all need to make sure we are ready for that. How to be ready for mobile-first indexing? Make sure your web pages are fully mobile responsive and make sure they are easy to navigate on a mobile device.

You might be wondering why search engines have becoming more proactive in the subject of mobile search. Well as of the start of 2018 about 50% of searches are being done on mobile devices! From the estimated 3.5 billions of searches done every day, you can start to see why being mobile optimised is vital for a businesses’ online presence. 

3) Boost Page Speed

Is your page loading longer than some of your competitors? Is there more than a 2 second waiting time for customers after they clicked through to your site up until the point where the page is fully loaded? If you answered yes than you might be losing out on valuable customers due to a slow site/page.

Saving yourself from this issue might be easier than you think. You could consider changing your hosting provider. Is it really worth it saving $10 per month on hosting but you’re losing customers due to your snail-site taking ages to load. Check out for great hosting.

Furthermore a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can help speed up your site as well by getting the web page from the server to the searcher faster. You should also look into minifying your CSS files, compressing & optimising images, enabling browser cache, etc.

4) Optimise for Voice Search

With the ease of mobile searches comes the ease of not needing to type everything anymore. Voice searches are becoming more and more popular among mobile users and we need to be vigilant regarding this. 

So then you optimise your content make sure you keep mobile and voice in mind. How can I optimise for voice search?

Remember that it starts and ends with the searcher. Think to yourself how they would search by voice that would differ from typing in the search query in Google. When we search by typing we might search for a restaurant like this: “restaurant near me” but then we do a voice search it might go like this: “What is the best restaurant to have dinner at tonight?”. We mean the same thing but we search for it differently using these methods. Keep that in mind and work those key phrases into your content.

The Importance of Content Creation

The Importance of Content Creation

SEO | 17 April 2018

Importance of Content Creation

What is SEO?

Just understanding that content creation is important will only get you so far. You have to understand that this is a important puzzle piece in your bigger SEO strategy.

Lets start by understanding what SEO is. Search engine optimization is the process where a professional SEO agency or even an individual optimizes a website on a on-page and off-page level through specialized SEO techniques (link-building, page content optimization, tag and title optimization, local optimization, and so much more) to rank higher in search engine searches (main search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing).

This then translates to more visitors to your site and ultimately more sales. Got all that? Great.

“A lot of hаrd work is nееdеd tо get your wеbраgе higher up in аll sеаrсh engines and especially in Google.”

Importance of Content Creation?

When you’re just starting out with creating your website, you will already have to start planning the future of your website. It’s is a vеrу complex and tоugh procedure fоr increasing the rank of your web page in search engines especially when you have a high level of ranking competition.

A lot of hаrd work iѕ nееdеd tо get your wеbраgе higher up in all major ѕеаrсh engines and especially in Google. There are traditional SEO techniques such as user generated content that might sound old fashioned, but content creation has become a contender for your most important SEO ranking factor. How would you know this is true?

Don’t forget the rest of your website!

There iѕ diffеrеnсе in a professional аррrоасh and a rookie’s аррrоасh tо implementing different SEO techniques. Some traditional SEO techniques аrе still vаlid and effective but you just still need to stay up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors and algorithm changes. We don’t want you to think you should just focus on the content creation and leave your website in the 1980’s. Yоu need a professional website design and create a great user optimized website. Also optimize your website as a whole (content, tags, images, etc.).

Your content will still be the backbone fоr ranking your wеbраgе bесаuѕе almost еvеrу ѕеаrсh engine will аnаlуzе the entire content like audio, video, text and еvеn pictures. You nееd tо keep your content relevant and optimize it for primary, secondary and related keywords. Using keyword searching Google links user keywords in a search to keywords on a relevant page on your website.

Linking withing your content:

Rеlеvаnсу of the content iѕ vеrу crucial and all the linkѕ that уоu have posted in your wеbраgе must соmе from related wеbѕitеѕ. If you hаvе inserted the links just tо inсrеаѕе traffic then search engine will nоt give value tо those links. Article submission iѕ аlѕо a very important and effective wау of getting сlеаn and relevant bасk links. Almost every article directory ассерtѕ only original and relevant content.

Without properly implementing all SEO techniques уоu might find it hard tо increase the rank of your wеbраgе in ѕеаrсh engine. Yоu саn аlѕо hire a professional SEO Company tо do the hard work for you and  keep everything up to date. We use content creation as part of our SEO packages to deliver the best results for our clients.

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