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Why to Build Your Site With WordPress over HTML

WordPress vs. HTML sites.. The battle that has been raging for quite some time now. Well, to be honest, probably not raging but there’s been some discussions on which one sits at the head of the table. You want to know who that is? WordPress. Yeah, WordPress, WPfor short.

We’re going to get into it all in more detail by looking at different factors for our reasoning. Not only those factors that rank you but those that make life easier for YOU – the one that actually has to get everything done behind the curtains.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the worlds leading CMS (content management system) that powers about 31% of all websites today and it’s used by governments all over the world (including state government websites). If they can trust WordPress we’re pretty sure you can too. What also makes WordPress so awesome is that it’s an open source CMS which in plain English translates to – it’s free. No charge. No moola needed.

“We all at least know that behind the beautiful colours, pictures, text and features, there is code and a lot of it.”

HTML (hypertext Markup Language) sites are more ‘static’ in their customisability as any changes require getting down and dirty with the code which is not just HTML, but includes CSS and Javascript. The problem is that most small to medium businesses aren’t able to employ a professional web developer to create their website in hopes of attraction converting visitors to their websites.

This is where WordPress comes in an saves the day. WordPress is mainly run using PHP to execute all parts of your website. PHP is a server-side scripting language. PHP is used to create dynamic web page content. I know you might be asking, “haven’t we just talked about not being a professional web developer?”. Yes.. Yes we did.. And we’re keeping to our word.

php code for wordpress over html

This is how it works:

You install WordPress through your hosting providers’ cpanel (control panel), or how ever your hosting provider decides to handle this task. This is normally a simple process with most providers having one-click installs. You then have access to the WordPress open-source dashboard. Here you create great sites with little to no coding experience. We’ve set up a list of the big 3 hosting companies we think will be most beneficial to you and your bank account.

wordpress dashboard user interface

Here you can install one of the free WordPress themes that have simple but usable layouts for your business. These themes are usually geared more towards bloggers but with a little bit of customisation you can create great looking sites for any niche.

Some might require a more professional design for a more specific business like restaurants, car dealerships, real estate agencies, etc. That is where we come in. We specialise in WordPress web development which doesn’t break the bank. It also still keeps you away from unnecessarily touching any code. See, we’re still keeping keeping to our word.


Some of the benefits of a WordPress site:

1) Saves a ton of money!

Getting a HTML website set up takes much more time but more importantly it takes MONEY. Which not everyone has. Spending all your marketing budget on a website might not be the smartest idea you could have. The best HTML web developers could charge you around $2,000 for a nice website. Then add your hosting onto that!That’s well out of reach for small to medium businesses. What could a WordPress site cost you?

Hosting: $15/m for great hosting through Flywheel.
Domain name: $12/year through GoDaddy
Professional email address: about $5 with G Suite (google)
WordPress: Free for life
WordPress developer: $80-$200 for professional niche specific development (very beneficial)

So as you can see its nothing compared to what a static HTML website could cost you.


2) SEO (Search engine optimisation) READY.

One thing we love about WordPress is it’s plugins. There are over 50,000 free plugins for all aspects of your website – from website builders to SEO tools like Yoast SEO. This that been the pride and joy of all SEO plugins for those looking to optimise their websites for rankings.

yoast seo plugin for wordpress


Lets backtrack for a sec to static HTML Websites. You have to dive into code to edit your meta tags, title tags, and the lot. This is done page for page. So imagine you have a 100 page ecommerce website that needs full op-page optimisation. Thats a scary amount of digging around.

By installing Yoast SEO you can easily optimise your posts and pages with best SEO practices. Yoast beautifully guides you through all the optimisation steps for your content of each page.


3) Easy analytic integration.

Download your header and footer plugin for your Google Search Console and Your Google Analytics HTML tags so you can monitor everything that happens on your site. See where you are getting the most traffic from, see which countries these visitors come from, upload your sitemap for indexing, etc.


google analytics for wordpress tag in header


4) WordPress is full responsive.

Don’t you hate accessing a website on your mobile device or tablet and having to zoom in and out and scroll from left to right just to get through some post about a recipe you know you’re getting wrong anyway? We hate that too. The zooming and scrolling part, though. WordPress websites a fully responsive, meaning they adjust to fit your screen size. This is where Google gives you a big thumbs up, because mobile friendly sites rank higher that those that are not mobile friendly.


5) Create your online shop.

We’ve covered a few plugins already, but WooCommerce is quite amazing. It gives you the ability to set up your online store fast and easily with, again, a free download. Upload your photos, get your pricing set up, make sure you have distribution and stock, and your good to go!

woocommerce logo for wordpress ecommerce store

Success stories of people starting with a few bucks and making millions are all over Google. You could be one of those stories!


6) Opportunities:

The possibilities are endless with WordPress as you know by now. Here are some avenues you can venture into which WordPress makes easy for you:

  • Communities or forums where different or specific topics can be discussed and where help can be offered between its members. This can be done using a plugin called BuddyPress.
  • Your website can be the last thing a client needs to see to reassure them of the legitimacy and quality of your business.
  • You can create a membership site if you have exclusive content to offer. This can be a good idea for online trainers, tutorials, etc.
  • Not selling your own products but still want to create a store? Start a drop shipping business or become an affiliate marketer.
  • About any other business you could think of as well that requires an online presence.


7)Trusted by some seriously big sites.

These are some of the top sites using WordPress:

  • TechCrunch
  • The New Yorker
  • The Official Star Wars Blog (we’re fans, okay)
  • Sony Music
  • MTV News

The possibilities are truly endless with WordPress.



Not that a conclusion is really needed. We already convinced ourselves! We really believe that the market share that WordPress has will only continue to grow and develop as new WordPress updates change the game even further. For much big corporate companies that have the budget to create their own HTML site, it’s fine. But until you get there, keep to WordPress. Or get there and then still stay with WordPress. It really is up to you!

Although it’s easy and very cost effective, businesses that really want to become profitable will definitely invest in a WordPress developer to assist with creating a fully customised and optimised WordPress site to enhance user experience and profitability. If you are keen on such a service, hit us up!


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