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The Big 3 of Web Hosting in 2018

For absolute beginners tho want to create a website, there is one phrase that’s almost mystical – Web Hosting. If you are that newby you might be thinking, “what sorcery is this?”. But don’t fear my friend. It’s not that scary. And for the web-master that knows web hosting, but that’s looking for a better host, we got you too.

My first rodeo with web hosting was with a host anyone who has searched the phrase ‘web hosting’ will know. You guessed it. Hostgator. But their not the only hosting company out there in this jungle of hosting. We have established the top 3 (more like The Big 3) for you to make sure you not only pick a web host for your budget, but one that can carry the weight of how big your website will be or how big it is.


Lets get into it:




In my opinion this is the best host out there if you’re looking at fast WordPress hosting. I have to admit, we are a little bias towards Flywheel. Not just because we host with them. They just are that good! 

Here is why:

  • You get to know your website is safe at night (and day) with hacker-free security.
  • They’re blazing fast.
  • Your site gets backed up on a daily basis so when you need to restore a backup you just go onto your
    Flywheel control panel to restore. Pick the day’s backup you need restored and they get it done fast.
    When you’re testing and playing around with code you might use this function a few times.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • WordPress specialised.
  • Insanely helpful support. We’ve dealt with a few web hosting companies and when it comes to service
    there’s no one better and faster.
  • You can ACTUALLY pay on a monthly basis and for some that helps a lot.
  • Live support.

But Flywheel has some unliked traits:

  • Flywheel leans more to the expensive side of hosting starting from $15
  • They have a limit of unique visits to your site, again, starting at 5000 monthly visits. This is enough
    for a small website but when you start scaling you will need to upgrade your package. By that time you
    should be making a little more so you should be able to afford to make the slightly bigger investment.
  • No access to web files like your .htaccess. This can we worked around though.
  • No free business email.
  • Limited to 250GB bandwidth.
  • 5GB Disk Space.

There are reasons for some of these traits, but we are just stating what might be off-putting for some.


hostgator web hosting logo banner


Ahh, Hostgator. The memories, most good, that I’ve had with them. Back when I started out, before GeeWorx, I got my foot in the door with Hostgator. I learned how to edit web files through a easy-to-use control panel, I set up my free business email, and the whole lot! I crashed my website and sat in fear not knowing if I will still going to have a website in an hour or 2 (I still did, by the way). Enough with the romance.

Lets look at the positives:

  • They are cheap, like really cheap, if you avoid the add-ons (from $2.64 per month – paid annually)
  • Easy to use control panel for editing website files.
  • Free business email and easy to set up.
  • Unlimited MySQL Database.
  • Domains can be purchased through them as well which eases the setup process a bit.
  • Baby plan and Business Plan includes a SSL certificate.
  • Live support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Disk Space.

Now hit me with the not-so-good stuff:

  • The live support is nice but the waiting time can sometimes be a killer, especially when your website breaks and you need answers like NOW. This understandable though due to the amount of websites they host.
  • Being shared hosting, you don’t get the fastest hosting in the world. Not close to Flywheel speed.
  • VPS hosting available but very pricy.
  • Restoring from backups come at an additional cost.
  • Hostgator is not ideal for business hosting which is why our client ask us to create their websites. So we don’t recommend this Hostgator to most of our clients.

Bluehost banner logo for web hosting services south africa


Like Hostgator, Bluehost is one of the most established and well known web hosts out there with a lot of great reviews. They is a no-hassle solution for small businesses. With great reviews and loyal clients of over 10 years, they are definitely a great choice.

What they have to offer:

  • A lot, and I mean a lot, of businesses and individuals trust them with their hosting (powering over 2
    million websites).
  • Competitive hosting from $3.95 per month but again paid annually.
  • 50GB Disk Space (10 x that of Flywheel) – Basic package
  • Unmetered bandwidth – Basic package
  • Free email (although limited to 100mb storage which in some cases is enough).
  • Free SSL with all their websites.
  • Free Domain.
  • Good 24/7 customer support.

What would be disliked? To be honest it was hard to find a few problems with them.

  • As with Hostgator – site migration is at an additional fee.
  • High commitment period (12-36 months)
  • Although customer support is good its not all that fast.
  • Like Hostgator there are multiple upset attempts (irritating but not soul crushing).
  • Complaints of slow websites on re-seller accounts.


Our conclusion?

It all depends on your needs to be honest. If SEO and performance is important to you and to your customers/visitors, then you would go with a higher quality host like Flywheel. But if you are running a personal blog or you’re just starting out, then Hostgator will do the job. Anything in-between can be filled by Bluehost.

If you want to avoid the guessing game all together and you need a if you need a website, shoot us a mail and come work with us! If having a website for your business is what you want and you want to give your visitors the best experience (UX) then we would definitely recommend Flywheel. Let us know what you think and subscribe for more.


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